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Kindom Hearts ISO

Kingdom Hearts ISO download

There are many fantasy games out there but one of the better known one is the Kingdom Hearts ISO. Kingdom Hearts is the firsts game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise and over the year has grown immensely in popularity.

Originally the game was released for the PlayStation 2 back in 2002 by Square Enix and the Disney Interactive Studios. In 2010 Kingdom Hearts was release for the PSP with the name “Kingdom Hearts Birty by Sleep”.

Because the game was already released for the PS2 and had a lot of followers it has done very well for the PSP. As to this day the game has sold over 1.3 million copies and is still very popular.

Although the PSP isn’t being made anymore many people love to play the ISO’s on either their soft-modded PSP or through an emulator as the PPSSPP which not only makes it available to play PSP games on your computer but also on your phone or tablet.

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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep starts in the Land of Departure, where 3 Keyblade wielders and close friends, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus train to end up being Keyblade Masters under Master Eraqus. To accomplish this rank, Keyblade Apprentices need to take the Mark of Mastery test once they come of age.

Terra and Aqua take this test together and in the first round Master Xehanort undermines the test. When this happens Ventus steps in. In the 2nd round Terra and Aqua combat each other. While Aqua passes the test, Terra is considered unsuited to become a Keyblade Master due to the abundant darkness in his heart.

Later on a group of mystical creatures called the Unversed start to surface in other worlds. While this happens another Keyblade Master, Xehanort, vanishes without a trace. Terra is sent to ruin the Unversed and discovers some about Master Xehanort. The same master who who had earlier encouraged him to embrace the darkness in his heart if he desires the strength to end up being a Keyblade master.

Ven, on the other hand, is guided into following Terra by Xehanort’s strange apprentice Vanitas. This however was agains Eraqus’s wishes. Aqua is dispatched by Eraqus to survey Terra and keep him from falling under darkness. His objective is also to bring Ventus back to the Land of Departure..


Upon showing up in other worlds, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus encounter numerous Disney characters. Brand-new and old, combating crowds of Unversed along the way. Among the characters they come across is Mickey Mouse. Mickey is an apprentice of the sorcerer Yen Sid, who is also on an objective to damage the Unversed.

Terra ends up bring in the attention of several Disney villains. They offer him the whereabouts of Master Xehanort in exchange of assistance for their own dark programs.

Terra reasons that Master Xehanort seeks the 7 Princesses of Heart. Maidens who do not have darkness in their hearts and motivates Aqua to assist them reinforce the light in their hearts. With this they hoping it will draw Master Xehanort out.

Kingdom Hearts ISO download

Dark Powers

Aqua and Ven grow progressively worried for Terra when they hear reports of him devoting sinister deeds throughout other worlds. The 3 briefly reunite at Radiant Garden, where Aqua meets Kairi. A young girl including a strong and pure light in her heart and assists reinforce her light. Aqua and Ven also confront Terra, who ranges himself from them to keep them out of the way of his significantly harmful dark powers.

Terra and Aqua try to encourage Ven to go back to the Land of Departure, but he declines up until he is particular Terra will not fall under darkness.

At one point Terra and Aqua ultimately discover themselves at Destiny Islands. Upon arriving they meet two young kids named Sora and Riku. Terra sees prospective within Riku and deems him worthy of one day wielding the Keyblade. Aqua senses strong ties with Sora and Riku to Ven and Terra respectively.

Ven on the other hand stumbles upon Master Xehanort. He reveals his intents to use Ven’s heart to produce a final Keyblade known as the χ-blade. Something Master Xehanort says Master Eraqus had known all along. Ven returns to the Land of Departure to confront Eraqus who attempts to erase Ven to prevent Master Xehanort’s strategies from succeeding.


However, Terra, who had actually been sent out there by Xehanort, misinterprets the situation and attacks Eraqus and teleporting Ven to safety. As soon as Terra understands his error, Master Xehanort gets there and cruelly eliminates Eraqus. Then he informs Terra to go to the Keyblade Graveyard leaving the Land of Departure to be consumed by darkness.

At Destiny Islands Ven once again meet up with Vanitas and learns of his hazy past.

Ventus was once Master Xehanort’s apprentice but his heart was considered too frail for Master Xehanort to utilize him. So he extracted the darkness in Ven’s heart and used it to produce Vanitas. As with Terra prior to him, Ven is advised by Vanitas to go to the Keyblade Graveyard. Aqua in the meantime discovers of Eraqus’s death from Yen Sid, who informs her to go to the Keyblade Graveyard also.

Terra, Aqua, and Ventus come together at the Keyblade Graveyard. On this graveyard the remains of the strange Keyblade War are discovered. Master Xehanort appears with Vanitas and reveals his strategy to use the χ-blade to unlock Kingdom Hearts. He then release the prohibited tricks of the Keyblade War onto the various worlds.

With that he utilizes Terra’s body as a brand-new vessel for his own heart so that he might endure long enough to see his plans come to fulfillment.

Kingdom Hearts ISO download


An impressive fight occurs with Xehanort freezing Ven and Vanitas knocking Aqua unconscious. In his rage, Terra lets loose the darkness in his heart. Inadvertently permitting Xehanort to unlock his own heart and effectively move it into Terra’s body. This leads to the birth of a brand-new, younger Xehanort.

However, Terra’s mind continues to remain in his disposed of suit of Armor which comes to life and defeats Xehanort.


An unlockable secret ending reveals the hearts of Terra and Master Xehanort lying dormant in Xehanort’s body, waiting to see which will control it in the end, with Eraqus’s heart exposed to be sealed within Terra’s. It also reveals a recuperated Xehanort walking with Braig as Ansem the Wise and Ienzo pass by.


The Kingdom Hearts ISO has remained it’s popularity even till today and many people are looking for ways to play this game again. As mentioned you can download the Kingdom Hearts ISO through our download gateway here or by pressing the download button on top.

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