Conker's Bad Fur Day ROM

Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM

Conker's Bad Fur Day ROM


The Nintendo 64, otherwise known as the N64 has released a fair amount of games in it’s day.

Although many games were suited for kids the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM game was definitely not. Conker’s Bad Fur Day is about Conker the Squirrel. An alcoholic greedy red squirrel that in the game tries to get back home to his girlfriend Berry.

The game was released in april 2001 and took over 4 years to develop. The Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM was developed by Rare and published by THQ and is a platform game. When they started the development of Conker’s it was intended for a family audience but after critique about the game being to cute and raw at the same time they changed their mind.

Naturally because of the boozing and foul language the game was rated “mature” and deemed not suited for children under the age of seventeen. The game showed similarities with games as Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Kazooie.

However, although the game shared likewise visuals the content was of a totally different nature.

The Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM was designed specifically for the adult audience. The game featured vulgar jokes, profanity, graphic violence, pop culture references and it has no shortage of alcohol and tobacco use.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day sold below expectation upon release. This was mainly because of the limited marketing. The game was also released towards the end of the N64 life cycle. Nevertheless, over the years The Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM has achieve a large cult following making it one of the most popular games on the N64.


Even though the game had many similarities with previous platform games it was in many aspects a totally new innovative game. A couple features were uncommon at the time especially for the N64 console.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day had features like dynamic shadowing, detailed face animation which came with perfect lip syncing. Also the game areas had longer draw distances, colored lighting and no distance fog.

Several reviewers from well-known gaming sites were really positive about the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM. For example, Shane Satterfield of Gamespot said that the game made other N64 games look like a 16bit game.

Matt Casamassina from IGN stated that the 3D worlds within the game had a “fantastic” texture. He then continued to talk about Conger’s amazing facial animations.

Another aspect where the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM excelled in were the in-game audio and vocal tracks. Those are praised worldwide by as well the professionals as amateur gamers and reviewers.

The jokes made in the game are considered smart and funny by many and the scripts are well build.


The main goal of the game is pretty simple. After a night of boozing Conker just wants to return to his girlfriend Berri. Of course the outcome is that this journey is anything but simple. The land where Conker lives is ruled by the Panther King. One day the Panther King finds out that the throne’s side-table is missing a leg.

The Panther King asks his servant, Professor Von Kriplesac who is a paraplegic weasel for advice. When Kriplesac looks at the table he suggest to replace the missing table leg with a red squirrel. The Panther King follows up the advice of his servant and sends out his minions to find a red squirrel for him.

Meanwhile Conker is trying to find his way home and lands in the most crazy situations of his life.

He will come across several enemies, one more crazy than the other. To name a few crazy ones, he runs into war between a Nazi like group named the “Tediz” that consist of Nazi Teddy Bears and grey squirrels.

Other weird mobs like a big opera singing pile of shit are no exception.

Even crazier and funnier is when he gets bitten by a vampire and turns into a bat.. He also fights off a Terminator like robot and these are just a few of the crazy characters in this game.

We won’t reveal how it all ends but we can assure you it will not disappoint. So if you want to find out how it ends go download the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM.

Conker's Bad Fur Day ROM


As said before, the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM is a platform type game where you the gamer controls Conker the Red Squirrel. Previous, the N64 platform games were 2D but Conker moves around in 3D levels. The game has several layers where Conker can transition to but most of them are blocked when you start out.

Throughout the game you will earn cash which will make it possible to unlock newer levels. Every level is played in an enclosed area. This doesn’t mean you can only go one certain way. As it’s 3D you can freely explore the level you are in till you complete your tasks.

Tasks range from playing mini-games like solving puzzles, gather items, fighting bosses and take part in races. At the end of every task the reward will always be the same which is a cash price which will help you unlocking other worlds.

Conker’s movement is pretty straight forward. You can run, jump and smack the shit out of your enemies with a frying pan.

Depending on where Conker is he can also do various other movements. If he is in the water he can go under for a little bit while holding his breath. Sometimes he can move objects, climb ladders and ropes.

As many other games Conker loses his health when taking damage by falling or getting hit by enemies. To regain his health you can find chocolate that is placed throughout the game.

Conker also has a few temporary special abilities that are considered sensitive. A couple of these abilities include drinking Alka Seltzer to cure his hangover after drinking too much. Conker can also use some temporary bad-ass weapons like throwing knives, a catapult and even a Shotgun! Not so cute of a squirrel as he looks ey.


The original game on the N64 also featured a multiplayer option which will also work on the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM when playing it through the Project 64 emulator that comes with our download.

In the multiplayer mode you can play with 3 other friends and compete with each other. The multiplayer has 7 different game modes. Race, Raptor, Beach, Heist, Tank, War and Deathmatch.


Let’s explain the different modes:

  • Race: The racing mode has one track that offers 2 variations where you can collect items that you can use to take out your opponents. (like Mario Kart)
  • Raptor: In Raptor mode you either control a Raptor that feeds baby Raptors or cavemen that has to steal the Raptor eggs.
  • Beach: In beach mode one team arrives at the beach and need to use a vehicle to escape while opponents need to stop them by firing at them from several positions at the edge of the shore.
  • Heist: In heist one team needs to rob a bank and steal the cash bag in the middle of the bank while opponents need to stop them before they reach their vault.
  • Tank: In this mode players drive a tank and they will need to collect the other teams gas can which can be used to destroy all your opponent tanks that are driving outside the compound.
  • War: War has 2 modes. One is the well-known mode capture the flag and the second mode is like the Tank mode where you need to collect the gas can to destroy your enemy.
  • Deathmatch: Another well known mode is Deathmatch. Like many Deathmatch modes you have the choice to configure the game to your liking before the match starts. Some of the options are number of lives given, score limits and you can even implement AI bots



Conker's Bad Fur Day ROM

If you like vulgar language combined with crazy fun humor, alcohol and funny dialogues, the Conker’s Bad Fur Day ROM is definitely a game you should play. If at the time the game was released and you were too young to play or just for nostalgic feelings this is your chance.

We always have the latest game version of the ROM and emulator which you can download through our download gateway. You can use the download button at the top of the page or click here.

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